About Dr. Chen, L.Ac.OMD,

Dr Chen, L.Ac. OMD has over 11 years experience in Taiwan and over 18 years experience in the U.S.


  • B.S. in Sports Science, including Sports Medicine and Coaching from the University of Chinese Culture, 1975
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine study under famous Chinese Medicine master Yi-Ping Chen, 1971-1985
  • Clinical training and study at Tai Ho Tang Hospital, 1977-1987
  • M.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, 1993
  • Ph. D. in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the American Global University, 2000
  • O.M.D (Doctor of Oriental Medicine)South Baylo University, 2006

Achievements and Experiences

  • Research project for the Institution of Liver & Spleen Study - An Huei Province, China
  • Research project for the Institution of Human Body Science - Beijing, China
  • Special Medicine Prize awarded by CCNAA - San Francisco, California
  • One of the founders of Florescent Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Oakland, California
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