Dr. Chen, L.Ac. OMD, is THE BEST.  Very friendly, and caring, and his skills are really amazing.  What he has done for me in the past (no joke):

1) He cures me of the common cold.  NO JOKE.  Regularly.  If I had a fever, or whatever, I'd go into him, he'd put a few needles in me, give me some medicine, and in 2 hours my fever would be broken, and almost all symptoms would be gone.  Nowadays, I call him, and he tells me which combination of his herbal mixture pills to take, if I have a cold. And I usually recover within a day.

2)  Food poisoning.  Cured me in THREE HOURS.  I went in with a 103 deg fever.  He gave me some powdered herbs to eat directly.  Put needles in me. He woke me up about 1 hour in and fed me more herbs.  Put me back to sleep. Again in 1 hour, and my fever was broken.  1 hour later, I was at 90%.  Just feeling a little bit drained, but otherwise, my appetite was back, and I felt fine.

3) Treatment for a knee injury, over about a year.  Complete recovery pretty much.  It was probably a slightly damaged meniscus.  My western doctor was useless--just said the ligaments were fine, and was probably a muscle injury causing the kneecap to track incorrectly.

His credentials:
His first master was the head Chinese doctor among Chiang Kai Shek's 8 Chinese doctors.  He was very old and passed away.  His second master was the head Chinese doctor among Chiang Ching Kuo (CKS's son) 8 Chinese doctors.  He was the only "indoor" disciple of this master, and got full transmission.

He's the real deal, folks.  If you have allergies, get sick, whatever.  Any long-term health problems go to him first.  He is really amazing.  Not expensive either and he does take insurance (if the insurance company covers alternative treatments).

Fong Liu

Dr. Chen, L.Ac.OMD is AWESOME! I had Strep Throat and Bronchitis for 3 months and after numerous visits with my primary physician and tons of antiboitics, I was so weak I couldn't work. My husband made me an appointment with Dr. Chen, L.Ac.OMD. After herbs and accupuncture, I left feeling much better. It took a few months to re-build my immune system, but it was worth it. If you have a health problem and your regular care physician can't or won't help, go see Dr. Chen, L.Ac.OMD. We have since left the Bay Area, but I have called him and described my ailment and he has told me which herbs to take and I feel better in a few hours.

Laura Sharp

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