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What is the Wheel of Health?

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The Wheel of Health is a model developed by me that I have used to remarkably improve the mental and physical health of patients who have been sick for decades. This has been used to help people who are sensitive - sensitive to other's emotions, smells, chemicals, and sound/light. 


To return to health, we  need to improve the seven different spokes on the Wheel.  These spokes represent the major categories of Health. They are: Mental, Dental, Gut, Adrenal, Environmental, Hormonal, and Immune. Those seven spokes affect a person's risk for EMF sensitivity.


As we fall ill, we have different health issues which need to be addressed in the right order based on the order the body wants.   If we address all the issues at one time or the right issue at the wrong time, we will not get better.  Addressing the right issue at the right time will slowly get the Wheel turning and the person back to health.

I use a method that I have developed which quickly decreases TOXICITY.  This helps most everyone as everyone who is sick has some factor of TOXICITY causing their health issues.

To learn more about the Wheel of Health and the success stories of my patients, please read A New Way to Health: Wheel of Health , my ebook on Amazon which was published July 8, 2021.

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Long Covid

You've gotten over Covid.  But you are still having problems.  You are still tired, have trouble thinking, and have developed new health issues which may include autoimmunity. 



Depression/Anxiety can be affected by what is going on in your life. But issues such as what mental issues are in the family and what is going on your body also play a role in how you feel emotionally.


EMF Sensitivity

You've tried to avoid it, but it's everywhere. We can improve your body so it's less EMF sensitive. EMF inflames your body - we need to treat the health issues making you more sensitive

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