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As a patient in my care, I educate you about the different health issues affecting your Wheel of Health and on the use of supplements, lifestyle approaches, and treatment approaches that would be beneficial to you. As  your Wheel of Health improves, so will your health. 

If you are a California resident, I can order labs and can treat you with medications as needed.  I also use supplements, herbs, injections, and lasers to help strengthen the body as well as to rid the body of  environmental pollutants. 


Superbills provided upon request for California and Massachusetts residents. 


If you are not from California or Massachusetts, I am not able to order labs. If you are a prior patient of mine who I have seen in person  from Massachusetts, I can prescribe medications for you. 

Initial visit is 75 minutes and is $350,  follow-up visits of 30 minutes are $150,  and 45 minute follow-up visits are $225. ​

If you have financial issues, please let me know and I can adjust my fees. 

COVID policies - in general I try to see patients online but if you are a new patient or need procedures done, I will see patients in person after Covid screening questions are done and there is determined to be low risk of Covid. 

At this time, face masks are used in the office. 

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