Image by Christian Widell

Lyme Disease/Long Haul Syndrome

With Lyme Disease or other infection such as Covid, the body is not strong enough to fight it.  Taking antibiotics and/or herbs can help but only for a short time.  It is not just the infection that is the problem.  It is that Your body has the infection.  Whatever health issues you had before you got sick are now worsened because of the infection.  We make the body stronger so that it can fight Lyme and other infections.  I improve each spoke of the Wheel of Health that is affected -  As each spoke is repaired, your health improves. When dealing with several health problems, I ask your body to help  determine which issue should be dealt with first. When your body is as strong as it can be, you are in a better position to deal with Lyme or other infections.  Only then do I help the body fight Lyme and other infections using herbal medications. Herbal medications are gentler on the body and do an excellent job of beating the infection.