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My Approach

When you visit me, my primary goal is to understand who you are and what you have gone through.  I want to listen to your story - this is the key to your health.  Your story tells me where to start and how we can walk this healing journey together. This is why I spend 1.25 hours with you during our first visit.  As an integrative doctor, I diagnose and treat the various health issues at the root of your condition. 

I became an integrative medicine doctor because new innovative approaches based on science now view the body as a series of interlocking parts, like spokes in a wheel.  When one spoke is not functioning correctly, it can affect the entire system. 

As more health issues occur, people fall ill. As more parts of the body worsen, each spoke on the Wheel of Health gets affected and the Wheel is no longer moving forward in a straight line. The spokes on the Wheel are

Mental Health, Oral Health, Gut Health, Environmental tolerance, Hormone Balance, Immune Health, and Stress tolerance. When some spokes on this wheel are disrupted with issues such as depression and anxiety, a racing mind, mood swings, infections of different kinds,  and/or adrenal stress then sensitivity to sounds/light/EMF and environmental chemical sensitivities may occur.   


I use your story, my experience, lab testing, and energy testing to help determine which issue is the highest priority.  After resolving your highest priority health problem, I move to the next health issue based on what you and your body are telling me.  I use my knowledge of the mind, how the body works,  genetics, biochemistry to determine which spoke needs repairing.  I also use food, lifestyle, supplements, acupuncture, and lasers to help you improve the affected spokes and to transition you to optimum health. 

At your first visit:

            1. We get the story of what is going on with your health currently

            2. We go over your whole life to see how your life has affected your body

            3.  A physical exam is done as well as a bioenergetic exam

            4.  You get a summary of the probable issues going on causing your current health issue

            5.  You get a priority list of which things to tackle in the order to get you healthier sooner

            6. We go over the possible lab testing that we can order

            7. An overall treatment plan with lifestyle changes, diet changes, supplements, and procedures  

            8. Free session of laser acupuncture or laser neural therapy (up to $125 value) included in first visit 

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